Mystery BOX

Mystery BOX

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Hi there, 

So, I’ve a lot! A lot of pieces that it’ll be imposible to update in the website and I’d love for people to wear them.. Some of the pieces are classics from my website and some other pieces I’ve made when I started, pieces made with my own recipe of cold porcelain, very unique...

I’m creating mystery boxes 😍 I’ve been wanting to do this for ages and now I’ve got the time 😅 

if you want a €50 box (worth over €100) you’ll get a minimum of 15 pieces.

if you want a €25 box (worth over €50) you’ll get 7 pieces ☺️ 

The pieces are made by myself but also I’ve so much beautiful pieces that I sourced from different places around the world and took them out of the website so I o my sell my own designs but this pieces are really cool and I’m including them in the boxes ☺️ 

What else? It’s gonna be fun 😉 Please stay safe!

Ps: there’s much more than I’m showing in the pictures, it’s a mystery box 😉

Thank you!