Reversible Necklace Cold Porcelain

Reversible Necklace Cold Porcelain

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Unique necklace made of Cold Porcelain 

Cold Porcelain is a mix of clay and ceramic handmade by myself in Dublin. This mix is shaped into geometric piece and let dried for 3 days. After this process, the pieces are extremely light weight, completely hard, strong and dried. Sand paper and Acrylic paint plus a varnish cover are the last steps to finish the necklaces. 

It comes with earrings to match.

This Necklace has a different design on the other side which make it 2 necklaces in 1. 

Chain: Stainless Steel 

Length: 18" 

There's only one piece of this necklace show. In the picture. Once you order it, it's ready to go.