Irish Made Award Winner 2018 and Runner up 2020.

About Sandia Dublin

Venezuelan designer Betzy Nina came to Dublin in 2010 for the madness of St. Patrick’s day and never left. A new home in Ireland offered her the magic of a rich culture in the vibrant city of Dublin. 

Betzy Nina’s inspiration comes from a mix of cultures and paths from her creative life. The scenery of her native city along the coast of Venezuela, the architecture of her childhood home built by her dad, a family of musicians, her stylish mother “Clement Sandia” and the peculiar Dublin City life style is what gives you that noticeable essence of Sandia Dublin. 



Discover more about Sandia Dublin

Betzy Nina is captivated by the retro colors and abstract shapes found within the fashion and interior design industries. "I'd start by picking colours that I'd like to use in a collection and then choose which materials to use to compliment it. Sometimes I'd visit a vintage furniture shop and get inspired by shapes, textures and colours. Other times inspiration would just come to me during the day, at night or after seeing an architecture or interior design show". 

Betzy first started creating custom pieces for her friends to highlight their unique personalities. It was with their support that she saw the potential of her passion and how it could translate into something more. In 2017, Sandia Dublin was launched to create jewellery that highlights the individualistic and bold qualities of each person that wears her designs. By creating pieces that encompasses the heart of Dublin, her brand has received an Irish Made Award and graced the covers of many Irish magazines. 

Get in touch: bysandia@gmail.com 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sandiadublin/ 



Always keep me away from water, moisturizers and creams. 

Dropping your jewellery may cause breakage.

Avoid exercise and excess sweating while wearing any Sandia Dublin piece and never go to bed with them. 

Keep your expanded rubber pieces away from make up and self tanned products. 


Brass will tarnish over time but a soft cloth and a little bit of brass polisher like Flitz will make it sleek again. Gold plated chains should not be cleaned or the gold colour will be removed. You can also use a damp cloth for wood, rubber and acrylic.