Welcome to Sandia Dublin! I'm Betzy Nina, a Venezuelan jewellery designer living in Dublin. I came to Ireland to improve my English in 2010 and never left, I felt in love with the city, friendly people, fun atmosphere, and yes even the weather...

Thanks for visiting today, I'm sure you'll find something unique and special like you at Sandia Dublin.

My pieces are inspired by the Caribbean Sea and its colours. Sandia Dublin is Bright, Light and Bold. Some days Boldly Simple and others Simply Bold. 

-Irish Made Winner 2018 🥇
-Extremely light weight Jewellery 

Our handmade pieces are Funky and Chunky but extremely light weight. I hand cut pieces of expanded rubber to make Sandia Dublin's signature pieces and also work with my own recipe of Air Dried porcelain, wood and metals. 

Please notice that some of our pieces are made to order, please give us a shout if you have any question. hello@sandiadublin.com (Allow at least 5 working days for delivery, some pieces are ready to go and you might get it quicker than that)